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Medical Students to Receive Vaccines – FUMSA President Osodi


KIU, Western Campus – The President of the Federation of Uganda Medical Students Association (FUMSA) Boniface Osodi has said that the Ministry of Health is going to vaccinate medical students all over the country.

Osodi, in a communiqué to medical students which he shared with this website, said that he had got assurances from the Ministry of Health that medical students will be prioritized for the next vaccination exercise.

“I have been in contact with the Ministry of Health and one of the major reasons for closing up was that students never embraced the COVID-19 vaccination drive,” Osodi says in the communiqué.

“The Ministry has assured me that this coming week, priority (will) be made for medical students and other health workers,” he adds.

He has urged the medical students to check-in at their nearby health students and identify themselves as medical students so that they can get the vaccine.

Osodi is a fourth-year student of Medicine at Kampala International University, Western Campus and he was early this year elected to lead FUMSA, a challenge he has approached with much zeal.

He recently spearheaded the drafting of a petition urging the government to allow health sciences students in clinical years to be allowed to continue their training.

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