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Message Of the Chairman Board of Trustees (Represented by Mr Ambrose Kibuuka) On The 26th Graduation Ceremony of Kampala International University Held On 12th November 2022

Once again, we thank the Almighty God for giving us another season to celebrate KIU milestones. We celebrate the relative certainty and healthy environment we have had compared to the previous two years. We do not take for granted the fact that we are able to hold another physical (face-to-face) graduation ceremony. I, therefore, take this honor to congratulate all the KIU stakeholders as I welcome you to this 26th graduation ceremony of Kampala International University. My special gratitude to all who have worked to make this event possible. My message today is short.

Our Footprint

Over the past couple of years, I have consistently communicated the strategic vision of the Board of Trustees for this University and the efforts we are making to ensure that we position KIU at the leading edge in higher education. I Am gratified to note that our collective efforts as stakeholders of the institution have paid off with visible and impressive results. The first that Kampala International University ascended to, and continues to occupy the 2nd position in university rankings in Uganda attests to this fact.

To achieve this we have had to invest heavily in infrastructural development, particularly at Western Campus Ishaka, which we deliberately set out to transform into a renowned hub of Science and Technology on the African continent. We have made good leaps in this direction with the setting up of well-equipped biomedical laboratories, state-of-the-art engineering laboratories, workshops, and other enabling facilities. The 5000-seater state-of-the-art main library at Western Campus is also in the final stages of completion. As has already been demonstrated, these developments are set to leap-frog research and innovation activity in KIU, especially in health sciences and engineering. We are driven by an intentional commitment to supporting African governments in bridging the human resource gaps in these fields. 

The BOT 50% Waiver on Postgraduate Studies

In my message during the June graduation ceremony this year, I communicated the Board of Trustees affirmative action to boost postgraduate enrollment in the face of the economic hardships imposed by COVID-19. I am glad to note that the public swiftly responded by taking up the COVID-19 relief waiver of 50% on tuition fees for all postgraduate programmes. This was a one-off waiver targeting the August 2022 intake. We reiterate that this waiver will be valid for the whole duration of the programme of study. However, the condition attached to this waiver must be strictly adhered to. Students must complete their programme of study within the scheduled period. Any extension of time beyond this period will be met by the student under normal fees requirements.


In a general way, I would like to thank all the stakeholders who are working hard and smart to unfold the KIU dream. Together, we are making impressive strides. I wish to pay special tribute to my colleagues on the Board of Trustees; the Chancellor, Professor Mahmood Mamdani; the Chairman University Council, Professor Fred Wabwire-Mangeni and all members of the Council, the Vice Chancellor Professor Mouhamad Mpezamihigo and his Management team and Senate; all staff and students. It’s because of our collective commitment that KIU is celebrating today.

The government of Uganda has been very supportive of KIU through its various Ministries and agencies, particularly, the Ministry of Education and Sports; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development; Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the National Council for Higher Education, as well as the respective professional bodies. We will work towards sustaining this good working relationship with the Government of Uganda.

Over the recent couple of years, KIU has attracted many local and international partners. These have given the institution a great boost in various areas. We are grateful for the collaborations and partnerships we look forward to even closer and more impactful engagements.  

Message for the Sponsors and Graduands

Finally, I would like to thank the students and their sponsors for having chosen KIU among over 50 universities in Uganda. Those who have made great sacrifices can now finally smile as they see the fruits of their investment today. As a university, we do not take you for granted. I wish to encourage today’s graduating class to go out there and apply what they have learned. In life, the only way you earn a good and fulfilling life is by applying yourself to other people’s needs or solving other people’s problems in form of goods or services. The value of the goods or services you provide determines your personal value in the marketplace. This means that it is up to you to define the status you want to occupy in society. Remember that KIU has become part of your indelible history. Go out there and be good ambassadors of your Alma Mater by shining in whatever you do and how you behave. Today, you have joined the ranks of the Alumni of Kampala International University.


I once again thank the Almighty God for this occasion and all who have graced today’s graduation ceremony, both physically and virtually. KIU will always remain committed to Africa’s transformation by providing quality higher education.

We continue exploring the heights.

I thank you.

Dr. Al Haji Hassan Basajjabalaba

Chairman Board of Trustees

Kampala International University.