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New App to Help KIU Western Campus New Students to Settle in Ishaka


KIU, Western Campus – Amai, an App developed by Davis Leo, a hospitality manager in Ishaka, will ease the lives of new freshers who have just joined KIU Western Campus.

Amai is a Shona word that means mother, and like its name, it will indeed act like a mother to the students, especially international students and nationals who come from faraway parts of Uganda.

According to Alex Nyanga Ngobi, the Guild Minister for Trade, Investments and Transport, who advocated for Leo to give KIU Western Campus a slot on their menu, the app will be a life-saver for the new students.

“The Amai App is going to be a new mama to new students because it will help them find services like transport, accommodation, food, retail services, sports and fitness, design and others,” Nyanga said.

The app has a slot for KIU Western Campus on its menu

The way the app works is that it helps to calculate prices for the students so that they are not fleeced. For example, if a student wants to move from Ishaka Town to Bushenyi town, they click on their location and destination, and the app calculates the fare for them.

Nyanga says that the reason he partnered with Leo to get KIU on the Amai menu was that when they were new students, service providers used to over-charge them, especially when they realized that they don’t know the local language.

“I was paying rent of 250,000 shillings yet other people who were staying in rooms of the same make were paying 100,000 shillings. I realized it a year later,” he reveals.

The app also shows the different locations around campus so that they don’t find a hard time locating the different offices and facilities.