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New KIUPSA President Joshua Fred Mangen Promises to Promote Research, Community Service and Advocacy


KIU, Western Campus – Joshua Fred Mangen was voted the new KIU Pharmacy Students Association (KIUPSA) President to succeed Daniel Michael Funda.

Like all new leaders, Mangen promises to fulfill his campaign promises, among which is to promote research, community service and advocacy.

We sat down with him to have a tete-a-tete. Below are the excerpts.

Q. Congratulations upon being elected KIUPSA President.

A. Thank you so much.

Q. How did you manage to navigate the journey of becoming president?

A. Throughout my academic life, I have a track record of being a leader, all the way from being just a class monitor, prefect, leader of students’ council, class representative, guild representative and now a Faculty President.
I have learnt to shape myself into a leader like no other, one that serves with passion through selflessness and liking what you do, and I believe this is what convinced the electorate.

Q. When did you get the idea of wanting to contest for this position and why?

A. Before a person learns from leadership, one should have the drive and courage to take up leadership positions as well. It’s why at times, I believe leaders are made and not born. I had the idea of coming up for the position way back in year 1 of the course.
I was inspired by the vibrancy of the school and also, it would grant me a better stand to share ideas so as to keep Pharmacy School at the top in KIU.

Q. Your school has been at the forefront of pushing for ideas that can make Pharmacy a desirable profession for many science students. How do you think you can make it better?

A. Well to begin with, through fundamental qualities of team building, integrity and communication, I believe, together with my team, that we have potential not only to indulge in service delivery but also in building a holistic well-rooted health professional ready to plug into the competitive environment outside the boundaries of our great institution.
I greatly think this can be achieved through lobbying for opportunities as well as creating close links with our alumni, experienced in the field to give a lifting hand towards the same goal of success and steady progress.

Q. What's your vision for the next term?

A. Well, through our fore plan, I hope to lay a firm brick onto the existing foundation in the transformation of our institution into one of national and international recognition. One excelling in provision of education, pursuing research as well as community service and advocacy.  
We also look at deepening the existing unity within and outside the boundaries of the institution, which shall create a broad sense of oneness, aiming at achieving a common success.

Q. What results should we expect from you at the end of this term?

A. We have laid out a number of activities including; Making sure that the KIUPSA library resumes full functionality with all the relevant resources for pharmacy students to aid learning and research, making sure students access their fully compiled results from their very first semester via online access which shall quicken many other academic activities of the semester, promote mentorship programs, creation of sub-committee’s to promote efficiency and creation of unity through co-curricular activities like sports.

Q. KIU has been very supportive of your school like any other. How can you develop and implement ideas as a student body to maintain the good legacy your school has made on behalf of KIU?

A. Together with my team, in accordance to our stipulated workplan, we have streamlined measures of how to bring more ideas to life. We have also created an active feedback mechanism where we go on to take ideas on reaching out to different members of the KIUPSA fraternity for their suggestions.

Q. What plans do you have that can benefit students from your school during your term?

A. We hope to lobby for opportunities for students from our alumni, to help them in career development as well as seeking advice on how to navigate the professional path so that they can use these ideas in their future profession.
We hope to push for tutorials for students in challenging units and we are also aiming at starting to make tangible products to lay the ground for future innovations.

We wish you the best during your tenure Mangen.

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