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Newly Graduated Moulid Wants to Contribute to the Development of his home Country


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus- Hosney Muhammad Moulid, a recent graduate of Kampala International University (KIU), is poised to make a significant impact on society with the knowledge he acquired during his Master of Project Planning studies. Having successfully completed his degree at the KIU's 27th Graduation ceremony, Moulid is now ready to return to his homeland, Somalia, armed with valuable expertise in project planning and management which is one of the most demanded skills in his country.

"My next plan is to go back to my country, try to teach my people, and help them since my program is demanded there. I want to work as a lecturer and try to get into NGOs with time," he said.

"I really look forward to participating in the development of my country and work for them using the skills gained from KIU."

"My country Somalia is underdeveloped and still needs help as well as skills and knowledge that help it to end the tragedy that we have been in for last decade."

Moulid intends to liaise with the Government to introduce projects that can improve the livelihood of civilians in Somalia while helping them in monitoring and evaluation.

 "I will try to engage Government institutions to help our people to cope with projects and produce the best outcomes for the wellbeing of the civil society and I also want to encourage proper accountability since most projects in Somalia fail due to circumstances like corruption and lack of effective monitoring and evaluation systems. I plan to provide expert assistance in that regard," he explained.

Talking about his time at KIU and in Uganda, Moulid said that," I spent a great time at my University KIU. I didn't get a retake in my entire duration at this amazing University because I was a passionate student with lots of ambitions."

"Great that my goal was achieved and here it all became true. I am so happy for that and I would like to use the opportunity to thank my family and people who were always there whenever I was in need," he added.

Now that he's done with the Master’s degree, Moulid was asked about his plans in the next five years.

"God knows where I will be but I want to do and achieve some extraordinary accomplishments. I want to do Ph.D. and become an expert in my area of specialization, project management. I also want to proceed with a professional certificate of projects management which is PMP."

 I also want to participate and engage in the process of building my country and building the capacity process of my country those are some things that are in my mind that I will try to achieve in the next five years.