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Quex Wants to Use His Musical Influence to Draw Attention to Issues in Health Sector


KIU, Western Campus – George Kwesiga, commonly known by his stage name Quex, a musician and Medicine student from Kampala International University wants to use his popularity and musical influence to draw attention to the issues afflicting the health sector and promote public health in Uganda.

Quex rose to prominence last year after releasing the chart-bursting hit Kachumbali, which was popular for its melodic appeal and the dance routine in the video, which went viral on social media, topping various charts.

“Yes, my plan is to use the attention I receive as a musician to broadcast the issues affecting the health sector and also promote public health,” Quex told this website in a WhatsApp interview.

“I also want to promote charity and aid to the disabled,” he added.

Quex is yet to complete his medical training because of the COVID-19 lockdown, which was imposed a week before he did his final exams.

He has consequently decided to concentrate on his music during the lockdown and he is scheduled to release the video for his song Vibe Ekutte next week.

“We are releasing the video for Vibe Ekutte next week. It’s going to be massive,” he revealed.

Quex reckons that the lockdown has created disruptions to very many people, not in the least for him, as many of his plans have been stalled.

“I would be done with medical school but here we are. I am working on my 2022 album but it’s a bit slow. Financially am a bit restrained,” Quex says.

He is however adamant that he will not be distracted by the pandemic and after graduation, he intends to go back to school to do a Master’s in Public Health, saying that staying focused, having a great support system and prayer have helped him through the lockdown up until now.

Quex says he will forever be grateful for the excellent training he has received at KIU, singling out the Dean of the School of Medicine and Executive Director of KIU Teaching Hospital Prof. Robinson Ssebuufu and the Deputy ED of the hospital Dr. Surat Akib as major influences.

“KIU is the best medical campus in the country by far. I have met many great people there that helped me fill the missing gaps in my life,” he says.

“I think I can now confidently say that my life goals and objectives are much more clear,” he adds.

The star advises students to pursue their passion only if it is genuine, to avoid chasing both academics and passion and they end up losing both. He also advises them to pray to God for guidance.

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