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SOMAC’s Hussein Muhaise to Stage Virtual Public Defence of his PhD on September 15


KIU, Western Campus – Hussein Muhaise, a student from the School of Mathematics and Computing will stage a virtual public defence of his PhD on Tuesday, September 15, according to the KIU Directorate of Higher Degrees and Research.

Muhaise’s thesis will be on “Assessment Model for the Electronic Health Management Information Success: Verification From the Greater Bushenyi Districts, Uganda”

In his thesis, Muhaise argues that the success of the Electronic Health Information System is desirable in developing countries because of the cost implication that is quite high for the resource-constrained countries.

”It is documented that up to 45% of the documented Health Information Systems (HIS) implemented in developing countries fail while 55% partially fail due to issues related to resource constraints, managerial and inadequate skilled manpower,” Muhaise’s abstract reads.

“The contextual factors of HIS implementation in developing countries differ from those of developed countries and thus requirement for a different approach to Electronic Health Management Information Systems (EHMIS),” the abstract further reads.

According to, a health information system (HIS) is a system that captures, stores, transmits, or otherwise manages health data or activities. These systems are used to collect, process, use, and report health information. 

In turn, information from a health information system can be used to drive policy- and decision-making, research, and ultimately health outcomes. 

Picture credit: KIU Website