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Staff Spotlight: “KIU made me what I am today”


Meet Job Tukei, a Customer Care and Bursary Officer in the Directorate of Customer Care and Bursary at our Main Campus in Kansanga. He supports prospective and current students by providing helpful information, answering questions, and responding to complaints. Job is at the front line of support for students and he helps to ensure that students are satisfied with all the available customer care support.

Job has worked with Kampala International University for 9 years. He narrates how he started as a cleaner in 2011. From 2012-2014, he did a Diploma in Public Administration, thereafter he started studying Bachelors in Public Administration and graduated in 2017.

“After I finished the Diploma, I started working with the Directorate of  Human Resources as a receptionist where I did some office work while I studied evening classes, and now I am working in the bursaries office,” he says.

Job attributes his pursuit of education to KIU. He says he was provided the opportunity by KIU to study, and at the same time, serve as an employee.

“KIU made me what I am today,” he says, “I had no papers. I came with only senior six and started cleaning. But KIU gave me an opportunity to study.”

He says his motivation for work at KIU is in appreciation of the various opportunities she has provided to him.

“This institution is like a parent to me. So whatever I do, it’s like I’m doing for home,” he adds.

He finally encourages the KIU Community to continue yearning for more in regards to education and to not pay attention to negativity.

“What diverts us most times is peer influence. Most times, the people around us try to pull us down but we must be careful, stay focused, and wish well on others,” he says.

In August, Job plans to continue further in pursuit of his education, with a Master’s degree in Public Administration. 

“I started as a cleaner, but I know that one day, I will reach up to the level of a policymaker in this institution.”