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Sunday Mathew: From Bachelor's Degree to Greater Heights, Aiming for More with Postgraduate Studies


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus- Sunday Mathew, popularly known as MC Banks, recently celebrated a significant achievement at KIU's 27th graduation ceremony. He successfully completed his undergraduate studies, earning a degree in Mass Communication, and is content with this accomplishment. However, he harbors a strong desire to further his education through postgraduate studies at KIU.

Given the challenge of the disastrous COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, Mathew and his colleagues began their three-year academic journey on a rough note but because of persistence and never say never attitude, they now have all reasons to celebrate a hard-fought victory.

"It feels super cool that we are at this stage today because it has not been easy at all! Am now professional in my art as an emcee," Sunday said.

"The journey has been a bit rough with ups and downs however I have been able to penetrate through as one of the best students in my college, however, covid19 was almost letting us down but thank God we survived and life moves on," he added.

Mathew is proud that he is now being referred to as a professional mass communicator and he has expressed gratitude towards the University for giving the best of knowledge.

"It has given me a wide experience in communication and public relations and from it I have been able to meet a number of friends and some have become family," he explained.

Unlike the rest, Mathew began practicing his passion as soon as he stepped at KIU. He utilized opportunities by presenting himself as one of the best masters of ceremonies in the University and as a result, he has hosted most of the student's activities in line with entertainment for the last three years.

As if that wasn't enough, Mathew took his trade to greater heights taking over Kansanga's nightlife as a club announcer with his biggest stint at Cassana bar where he introduced 'a campusers' Night. In the process, he also started an initiative to nurture young talents, especially in the entertainment industry.

"Am already impacting the society, through my NGO TALENT INITIATIVE UGANDA which helps young people turn their ideas or dreams into reality. I also started an online tv to elevate stories and profiles of the youth in Uganda."

Now that he is already leaving part of his dream and passion, Mathew's next destination is the school of Postgraduate studies from where he wants to concentrate on self-employment.

"My next step is to upgrade to a master's degree and I do startup personal businesses," he noted.