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Tamale Wants to Encourage Healthcare Organizations to Support Community Investments That Mitigate Health Risks


KIU, Western Campus – Ibrahim Tamale, who is graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery, wants to use his degree to encourage health care organizations to support community investments that improve conditions contributing to health risks, outcomes and costs.

Besides that, he also wants to empower patients with reliable knowledge that can help them reduce the risk of developing disease.

“I have always felt very committed to the community and now that I’m a graduand, I intend to avail reliable, evidence-based information that can have an impact on the decisions that our patients make and empower them to take control of their health,” Tamale reveals.

No wonder he is over the moon over his graduation because he has a big mission to achieve which can have a lasting impact on many communities, something that can help reduce the cost of healthcare.

“I am overjoyed, I feel great, excited but also feel immense relief as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders because so much stress is gone. We have had many extensions and lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic to mention but a few,” he says.

Tamale says his sheer willpower and determination are some of the factors why he was able to complete his course successfully because he could not accept failure.

“It was because of my persistence and determination. I like to do things until they work out and I find it very rewarding when I achieve my goals plus a lot of hard work and sacrifices,” he opines.

He hails KIU for its student community placement programs quoting his community attachment to Mubende Regional Referral Hospital for Junior Clerkship as a whole lot of a new experience for him.

Tamale has a word of thanks for the people who helped him during the duration of his course.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my parents for taking the time, energy and resources to invest in me to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a doctor,” he says.

“I am also greatly thankful to a team of Lazarus Momentum directors towards their generous act of supporting me in various ways. I can’t convey how appreciative I am that you decided to invest in my education,” Tamale adds.

He says he has a desire to pursue higher studies because he would like to gain more knowledge and grow himself in the field of medicine.

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