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The Basoga Nseete of KIU Vow to Reclaim Championship of Upcoming Cultural Gala


KIU, Main Campus - The cultural gala's perennial overachievers, the Basoga Nseete, have vowed to leave their comfort zone this year. The 2016 and 2017 Champions started very serious and vigorous rehearsals with laser-focus on claiming their throne come 14th March 2020.

In a meeting held on 4th March 2020 in the Guild Gardens, Nseete members agreed to officially start their pursuit for Cultural Gala glory with serious rehearsals on Thursday 5th March 2020. They will rehearse the University Anthem, and their traditional folk songs and dance until the d-day in order to give the very best of their abilities.

Damba Tonny, Nseete Association President, said that they have been struggling to find resources and mobilise talented members in the recent weeks which caused a serious delay in commencing rehearsals. When challenged about the inadequacy of the remaining time, Damba confidently said that they will base on their pedigree to produce the best music, dance and drama, and perhaps reclaim their throne.

Kirunda Muzamilu, who serves as a lead mobilizer for Nseete in this year's gala, confirmed that the new talents they have initiated in the team have made Nseete stronger than ever. He based on this to warn whoever wishes to take them for granted to check their steps.

''We have got a number of new students who are very talented joining us for this year's Cultural Gala which makes us even stronger than before,'' said Muzamilu, '' Those who consider taking us for granted are doomed. This is our time,'' he strongly added.

The Basoga Nseete are the record winners of the Cultural Gala, having won 5 times since 2011 and were first runners-up in last year's Cultural Gala behind the Kadodi dancers of the Bamasaba who put up a mesmerising show that the Nseete now look forward to topping this year in order to reclaim the championship they last won in 2017.