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The KIU Teaching Hospital Re-opens Ebola Emergency Centre as a Coronavirus Safeguard


KIU, Western Campus – The KIU Teaching Hospital has reopened its Ebola Emergency Centre and recalled its emergency response team to put in place safeguards against a potential Coronavirus outbreak in the country.

KIU Teaching Hospital already had an emergency centre and response team during the Ebola outbreak in DR Congo in 2019, and the same response units are reopening to deal with Coronavirus.

Other measures in place are; putting in place hand washing equipment at the hospital entrances and hand sanitizers at every department, clinic and unit in the hospital, COVID – 19 awareness corners at the entrances of the General Out-patient Departments (GOPD) and Accident & Emergency (A&E) Center, Continuous Medical Education (CME) for staff on case identification and prevention, signs and symptoms, how to treat patients and use of personal protective equipment as well as Standard Operating Procedures for hand washing.

An intensive awareness drive is also underway, with the hospital placing placards around the hospital with information regarding Coronavirus and radio talk shows to sensitise the people about the global pandemic.

Dr Sam Kyalema, the head of A&E, has been named as the hospital focal person on all matters concerning Coronavirus.

The acting Principal Nursing Officer for the hospital, Muhammad Musa says they also have measures to ensure that high-risk persons coming into the hospital do not infect others.

“Management has put in place measures to reduce crowding of patients when they come in, to reduce the rate of spread of the disease," Musa says.

Contact numbers have been put in place for people to call and these are: 

Dr Sam Kyalema: 0702 831469 

Principal Nursing Office: 0706 479971/0778 431854

Bushenyi District Contact Numbers: 0701 678342/0701 921595

National Toll-Free Numbers: 0800203033/0800100066