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The Law Society Elections; EC Releases final list of Eligible Candidates


By Deborah Akunyo

The KIU law society electoral Commission has officially released the list of candidates who passed the screening exercise that took place early last week. A total of sixteen Candidates are now free to campaign in any way ahead of the March 10th Poll.

The posts with stiff competition include the presidency, vice president, speaker and deputy speaker with each attracting two candidates. All eyes will indeed concentrate on the Presidential race where renowned orator and debater, Jonathan Areeba and the less sung man of the people, Pius Kiyemba are facing off.

According to Ronald Tumuhimbise, the deputy secretary KIU Law Society Electoral commission, the candidates are expected to follow all the do's and don’ts of the elections without fail.

"The candidates should be fully screened and nominated, the agents must have law society IDs," He said.

He also stated that only law students are eligible to vote and that all these must have something to identify them as students of Law at KIU.

"Only the students of law registered and have IDs to show they are law students at this University, are allowed to vote but however even those with other documents that identify them as students of KIU and pursuing law shall be allowed to vote". He said.

He also advised that there should be no violence like tearing other opponents' posters as this shall attract penalties.

The candidates will face off in a must-attend debate on Monday, 6th March 2023 in the University's main hall. The debate, according to the electoral Commission is open to all students and staff.

However, the number of female contestants is high this time round compared to recent years with five girls running for different posts. Tumuhimbise said this may have been influenced by the former cabinet.

"I think why we have more females contesting this time round is because of the works of the former regime". He remarked