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The School of Law could end Four-Year Deadlock as Two Pick Nomination Forms for Guild Seat


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - Two newly elected members of the guild Parliament from the School of Law have picked nomination forms to run for the students' union top most office ahead of Guild President Elections on Thursday 10th December 2020. This could end a four-year wait by the lawyers to post a Guild President if no one else shows up.

According to Martin Ainebyona of the KIU Main Campus Students Union Electoral Commission, Jacob Musimenta and Ronald Karunga all from the School of Law are the only MPs who have expressed interest in running for guild presidency.

"Musimenta Jacob from the School of Law and Ronald Karuhanga also from the same school are the only individuals who have so far picks nomination forms for guild President," Martin confirmed.

He added that nomination of Guild presidential candidates will officially close on Wednesday afternoon and successful candidates will officially be allowed to reach out to Members of Parliament in pursuit of support on Thursday.

KIU practices the electoral college type of electoral democracy similar to that in the USA. The Guild president is determined by parliament where the winning candidate is required to have the highest number of college MPs behind him or her.

Sources closer to both Ronald and Jacob have disclosed the two have already organized their potential suitors into two antagonistic camps. The winning candidate always selects his cabinet from MPs that constitute the winning camp.

Should either of the two be declared Guild President on Thursday, It will be the first time in four years for the Guild President to come from the School of Law. The School of Law last produced a Guild President in 2016.