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Women’s Day: KIU Alumnus and Female Youth Leader Hasahya’s Message


“Today the world marks the International women's day, a day of recognizing the equal rights, the status of women and what remains to be done.

The theme of today's celebration is Building on Women's Strength for a Better Future in a COVID-19 World. Indeed it has been a rough period because of the pandemic which makes this day of special recognition even more important. 

We have to deal with how the world is, not how it should be. I do celebrate those women on this special day who have transcended barriers and gained social, political, legal, religious, and economic achievements. 

Thinking about women and girls makes development work better for everyone because we are all equal partners regarding issues surrounding us. Both women and men can champion social justice and challenge old structures of patriarchy. Let us end gender gaps in our families, communities, institutions, leadership, work, and all other spheres of life.

I extend my special thanks to men who have given women and girls opportunities and space to thrive and blossom and my special appreciation to women changing the nation and the world.

As the sun rises, as a woman you too have the power to shine and inspire the world,” 

 “Promoting gender equality is everyone's responsibility.” 


Female youth Leader and KIU Alumnus

 Butaleja District