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Women’s Day: KIU Championing Affirmative Action for Women – Joan Owade


KIU, Main Campus - Joan Owade, the Head of Department (HoD), Journalism and Media Studies at Kampala International University has hailed the university for putting women at the forefront of its development agenda.

In her special women’s day message, Owade (in the picture) highlighted a number of factors that show the university’s commitment to champion affirmative action for women.

“Many key leadership positions, both in administration, students guild, and class representatives are held by women,” owade noted.

“Key positions right from the dockets of Deputy Vice-Chancellor-F&A, Director Academic Affairs and majority of Deans and HoDs positions are occupied by women staff. This is mainly because of their high level of professionalism, integrity, transparency, and above all, their motherly nature which enables them to naturally extend love during their interactions with different stakeholders at KIU,” she added.

She also highlighted the Memprow Program( Mentoring and Empowerment Program for Young Women) which focuses on empowering girls and female lecturers at KIU. Memprow offers free guidance and counseling to members in need of such and all this strengthens women's emancipation. 

Increase in the number of female staff compared to their male counterparts, more female beneficiaries of the university bursary scheme especially the less privileged, and increased sports participation and sports scholarships for some girls at KIU like the KIU Rangers basketball team which participates in the National Women’s Basketball League are some of the other factors Owade gives. 

She also hails the university for protecting female students against potential security dangers.

“The KIU Girl's Hostel has acted as a base for ensuring our girls are highly protected against issues related to insecurity. Being young girls of same the caliber, sharing their experiences becomes so easy as one big family,” she explains.

Owade gives herself as an example of being a beneficiary of the Staff Development scheme, one of the university’s programs of ensuring improved human resource at the institution.

“Being the overall best student after my bachelor’s degree, the university offered me masters and Ph.D. scholarships to advance my career path. During my postgraduate studies,  I worked as an assistant lecturer, and upon my graduation, I was promoted as an HoD, a position I've served in for the last 6 years,” Owade concludes.

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