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Women Empowerment Will Develop Society More – KIU Alumnus Kyazike


KIU alumnus Alice Ruth Kyazike has called for the increased empowerment of women to foster increased development within society.

While appearing on UBC TV’s Good Morning Uganda Extra Show on June 28, Kyazike said that if women are empowered, they will contribute more to society.

“If women's aspirations are trampled upon, society will miss out on a lot. If a woman develops, she will try to pull her husband up,” Kyazike, a law graduate from KIU said.

“Today, women like Hon Rebecca Kadaga (Kamuli woman MP, First Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of East African Affairs) are transforming and making huge contributions to society,” she added.

She also urged men to flow with the tide of change and abandon our traditional beliefs which required a woman to stay at home and take care of only home affairs.

“Customs are changing and we no longer practice what we used to do. Women were mainly used for labour and entertainment but this has changed,” she pointed out.

To further advocate for women’s rights on a bigger and wider platform, Kyazike has written and published a book titled The Mystery of Human Rights in Africa.

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