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KIU Business Desk: Entebbe Expressway Manages to Collect UGX250m in Three Days 


By Rogers Wanambwa 

KIU, Main Campus – From Saturday, when Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) activated the road toll charges on the Entebbe Expressway, 59,482 vehicles have used the Entebbe Expressway and paid toll fees by either cash or the Upesi card. 

Sources privy to the operation told the press that over UGX250m had been collected as thousands of motorists opted to use the road.

On Monday, UNRA Executive Director, Allen Kagina, visited the road to assess the performance of the tolling operations. She announced that the amount of money collected had gone beyond what they had projected.

“As you can see, cars are moving all the time, so the numbers are going up, and for the first two days, we had cleared a little over 33,000 vehicles. The daily average that we were anticipating was 13,500. We have gone beyond what we had projected,” Kagina said.

It turns out, on Monday, 26,154 vehicles used the road, double the anticipated number. The Entebbe Expressway is a four-lane toll expressway under UNRA, linking Entebbe airport to Kampala city.

UNRA handed over the 26.2km expressway to Egis expressway to Egis Road Operation on May 24 for operations and maintenance. 

The Entebbe Expressway includes a 25km tollway section from Busega to Mpala and another 1.2 km section from Munyonyo. On Saturday, Gen. Katamba Wamala officiated the launch of the tolling exercise.