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Growth Corner: Purpose and Assignment


By Rogers Wanambwa

KIU, Main Campus – As individuals, we must develop a sense of purpose and a sense of assignment. Purpose is what drives successful people, and completion of the assignment is what keeps them going. 

As a person, you must ask yourself(or you already have) some existential questions like:

Why am I here? 

What is my purpose on Earth? 

How can I impact this life? 

Among others. 

As a matter of fact, God is a God of purpose. He is a God of order. He is a God of assignment. Through the Bible, you notice all three, from Genesis to Revelation. There's always an assignment to someone. There's always a purpose to whatever is going on, and indeed, things occur and move in order.

When you understand the importance of the two things, purpose and assignment, especially in your life, you stop wasting and spending your energy and time on frivolous things. 

Looking at all the great men and women throughout history, you realize they all had these two things in common. None of them lived a purposeless life. 

Purpose brings about change. Assignment gets things done.

When you have a purpose, you stop poking your nose in everyone's business because you have work to do. You're always on your assignment, and your life's purpose being the assignment you must fulfill. 

We all must discover what these two are in our lives to make our lives meaningful. 

Is it being a great mom or dad? Is it being a great preacher? Is it being a great chef, or is it a great CEO? Is it being a great writer or poet? Whatever it is, you must ask yourself and soul search to find it. 

Thankfully, it is never too late to start. Do some reading, research different things, talk to knowledgeable people, have some alone time and think. Do some writing, and jot a few things down to ponder upon. 

Find your purpose and assign yourself a full-time commitment to it. 

That's all for this week.