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KIU Western Campus Swears in First Female Guild Pesident Mahirwe, MPs and Cabinet


KIU, Western Campus – Prudence Mahirwe has been sworn in as the first female Guild President of KIU Western Campus, along with Members of Parliament (MPs) and her cabinet.

Mahirwe was sworn in by the university lawyer Paul Tusuubira in a function held at the basketball court and was attended by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) of Western Campus, Assoc. Prof. Eric Mabonga, the Assistant DVC - Academics and Research Dr. Ibrahim Abubakar Babangida, the Dean of Students Affairs (DSA) Ms. Flora Bamutura and Heads of Department as well as other staff members.

Assoc. Prof. Mabonga congratulated Mahirwe upon her election and encouraged her to always consult the university management and to maintain her good grades. 

“You should always seek for clarification from the university management on anything and I pledge my availability for consultation at all times,” he said.

“You should also remember that the main reason that you are here is to complete your studies successfully. You should maintain your good grades and do not allow them to drop because you are the Guild President,” he added.

Ms. Bamutura also congratulated Mahirwe and her incoming cabinet and thanked the outgoing Guild government for ‘learning and re-learning’ with the administration.

Mahirwe said it was a great challenge to serve as Guild President and also preached unity as she pledged to work with her opponents.

“I appointed Amon (Nkwasiibwe, her opponent for the Guild Presidency) to the cabinet so that we can always sit down and see how we can serve the students' community,” she revealed.

“I pledge my service and please reach out to me. We want to learn from you and we will listen to you just as we expect you to listen to us,” she added.

Mahirwe also announced her cabinet, which includes Ronnie Ssonko, her running mate as Vice-president, Patience Mwesigye as Prime Minister, Edward Ssaazi Kagame as Financial Minister, Amon Nkwasiibwe as Health and General Student Affairs Minister, Paul Womaungo as General Secretary and Ibrahim Yesigye Niwampa as Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister.

Other ministers include Vastine Twinobusingye for Religion, Culture and Entertainment, Joan Naziwa for Research and Innovations, Allan Okwir for Information and Public Relations, Victor Nkwasiibwe for Games and Sports, Beatrice Mirembe for Gender and Social Affairs, Bob Nahabwe for Education, Alex Nyanga Ngobi for Trade, Investments and Transport and Jamil Kampere for International affairs and Foreign Relations.

Brian Rwotomio, the previous Guild president, handed over office to Mahirwe as she began her one-year reign in office.