Directorate of Higher Degrees and Research

Kampala International University [KIU] established the College of Higher Degrees and Research [CHDR] in 2003 and in 2015, CHDR evolved into a Directorate of Higher Degrees and Research [DHDR]. This move was to emphasize and synchronize postgraduate education and research throughout Colleges, Faculties and Schools in the University.

The Directorate is tasked with the responsibility of helping Colleges, Faculties and Schools to improve the quality of their programmes by providing administrative support, leadership, guidance, as well as the desired mentorship for graduate training. DHDR serves on various senate committees and advises on issues concerning postgraduate study processes. 

The Directorate ensures efficient Postgraduate transition from admission to graduation by working with various directorates in the University. In line with the guidelines of the National Council for Higher Education [NCHE, 2015] as well as the KIU Postgraduate Handbook [DHDR, 2016], the Directorate is pivotal in various academic processes such as curriculum development and review as well as the subsequent smooth implementation of programs ensuring that requirements [infrastructure and academia] are sufficiently provided.

DHDR is cognizant of the fact that Postgraduate training is essential to any Institution of Higher Learning and therefore is the image of the institution in the world of academia. It was, therefore, imperative for the University to institute an effective structure and strategy to steer Postgraduate training to greater and international levels in order to remain competitive and relevant to the world of work.

To be the fountain of knowledge that prepares the post graduates to compete favorably and excel in the world of work and the society

To produce graduates with appropriate cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills, who are adequately equipped to excel in their chosen field of study and research and can pass on this knowledge to others.


  • To regulate and monitor postgraduate due process from admission to graduation
  • To collaborate with DVC-RIE to promote and coordinate multi-disciplinary research and innovations that will contribute to the holistic development of society
  • To enhance dissemination of graduate training and research output
  • To work together with management to empower academic staff for personal academic enhancement and effective training and supervision of postgraduate students

Core functions

  • To enforce regulations pertaining to applying for admission into postgraduate programmes, admission procedures, enrolment procedures, registration procedures, uniform structures of postgraduate programmes, assessment procedures and termination of registration.
  • To oversee the assessment, grading and progression of graduate students by implementing procedures for the preparation and submission of theses/ dissertations at the Doctoral and Master’s levels, enforcing guidelines on copyright issues, the common format for citing references.
  • To monitor and evaluate the progress of Postgraduate students and report to Senate.
  • To enforce University-wide common regulations governing postgraduate programmes.
  • To recommend on the provision of appropriate facilities for postgraduate work and ensure the disbursement of funds allocated for the work.
  • To regulate and enhance the quality of Postgraduate education and research in the university; this includes educational exchange and contact within and outside Uganda.
  • To promote the publication of every research, thesis and dissertation.
  • To consider and assess the viability, quality and accreditation issues of postgraduate programmes.
  • To publicize the Postgraduate activities of the University with a view of attracting enrolment and financial support from governmental, industrial and other bodies for the extension of these activities.
  • To empower academic staff, through short courses, workshops and seminars, as well as supporting research and creating effective research teams.
  • Ensure quality and effective supervision of Postgraduate students.

Core values

  • Render excellent services to students, staff and clients.
  • Promote and practice teamwork and respect for others.
  • Facilitate, embrace and reward research and innovation.
  • Develop and maintain a result- oriented culture.
  • Facilitate and encourage openness for continuous improvement.
  • Aim at fairness and consistency on all issues.
  • Develop an enduring identity and image in graduate training and research.
  • Demand and portray integrity, accountability and responsibility.
  • Mitigate and devolve society norms of respect.

We strive to be global, practical, and skills-oriented.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +256774393791

Physical Address
Directorate of Higher Degrees and Research
Main Administration block
Kampala International University, Main Campus
Ggaba Road,
PO Box 20000, Kansanga

Staff Members


Abubakar Abdulkarim

Deputy Director DHDR Western Campus [email protected]
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Aluku Hellen

Associate Director [email protected]
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Ceasar Ochen

Administrative Assistant [email protected]
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Tusiime Adella

Administrative Assistant [email protected]
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