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KIU Legal Aid Clinic Hosts Workshop with Her Worship Nasambu Esther Adonyo


On Tuesday, April 30th, 2024, the KIU Legal Aid Clinic under the Department of Clinical Legal Education (CLE), School of Law organized a training aimed at preparing student clinicians for the field.

Addressing the students, the guest of honour, Her Worship Nasambu Esther Rebecca Adonyo, the Chief Magistrate, Judicial Training Institute, emphasized the significance of the Law clinic, highlighting its role in equipping students with communication skills and empowering them.

"Through Clinical Education, you assume the role of a practicing lawyer, enhancing practical skills such as interviewing and client interaction, and learning how to draft legal documents. It provides a deeper understanding of the law and how to navigate it effectively," she said.

She urged students to thoroughly comprehend their clients' issues to provide effective solutions.

"Take time to listen, withhold judgment until you've heard their story. Offer them your full attention and a listening ear," she advised.

"Make your client the center of everything. Make eye contact; make them feel that they are more important. Speak to the client as humbly as possible. By doing this, the client will open up, and this will help you win the case," she added.

“If you don't listen to your client, you won't get the story and it will be difficult to get a legal solution. By knowing this, you will be able to advise,” she emphasized.

"Keep the profession noble, many people think lawyers are liars; uphold the ethics of the legal profession," she reminded the students.

She also encouraged students to create a comfortable environment for interviews where clients feel at ease to open up, and to use everyday language to ensure clear communication.

In conclusion, Her Worship urged students to remain focused and intentional in decision-making to avoid unnecessary distractions. "Do not accept to be confused by relationships, take a stand and say no in order to attain your goal," she advised

Dr. Vidya Sankarapandian, the Director of Academic Affairs, commended the Legal Aid Clinic for organizing such valuable trainings, noting the investment in human capital and the empowering impact, especially on female students.

The Dean of the School of Law, Prof. Bukola Akinola, expressed appreciation to Her Worship for sharing invaluable insights and praised the Department of Clinical Legal Education for their exemplary mentorship initiatives.

Dr. Olawunmi Opeyemi Obisesan, Head of the Department CLE, extended gratitude to Her Worship Nasambu Esther Adonyo for gracing the event and reiterated the department's commitment to community interaction and student preparation.

Students applauded the legal clinic department for organizing the workshop and expressed their desire for more of such opportunities in the future.

Also in attendance were the Coordinator of CLE, Dr Rebecca Amollo, and the Coordinator, Teaching and Learning, CLE Madam Brenda Nyapidi.