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CHSS are the Champions of the 2024 KIU Inter-Faculty Football Galla


By Ritah Babirye

KIU, Main Campus- The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) beat the College of Economics and Management (CEM) 2-0 in the finals on Wednesday to win the first of it's kind interfaculty football gala.

Following the final whistle, dramatic scenes unfolded as a euphoric crowd, composed of students and administrators from the College of Humanities, erupted into jubilation. Cheers and ululations filled the air, creating a celebratory atmosphere that lasted nearly 30 minutes.

The excitement was palpable as the victory left only pride written all over students, lecturers Heads of departments as well as the principals of the college.

Dr. Jacob Ashibi, the principal College of Humanities who watched the finals alongside a team of other administrators from the college of Humanities and Social Sciences said, the team had made the whole college proud.

Samuel Wasiike, the captain of the CHSS team said he was overwhelmed by the excitement.

"I don't know how to describe what I feel but I am proud of this team," he remarked post-game.

"We won because we were so disciplined and we worked as a team," he added.

Organised by the Guild Union under the Ministry of Games and Sports, the competition started on Tuesday 7th, May 2024, and was highly embraced by all colleges and schools.

CHSS began slowly drawing all their group games, against the School of Mathematics and Computing (SOMAC) 2:2, and the College of Education and Distance Learning 0:0 before progressing to the Semifinals as the first runner's up of their group.

In the semi-finals, CHSS played the pre-competition favourites, the School of Law which they beat 3-1. Ibrahim Byansi, the eventual top scorer scored all the three goals for CHSS.

In the finals, the team came up against another formidable team, the College of Economics and Management before winning the football gala for the first time in KIU's history.

The top scorer of the gala, Ibrahim Byansi a student of social work and social administration, finished with six goals.

" I thank God for this achievement and my teammates for helping me score the goals," Byansi said post-game.

"Our College has always been undermined but now am so happy that we have finally proved a point," he added.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences has always stood out in other spheres but not in sports, something that makes this triumph truly an outstanding achievement.