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SEAS Hosts a Successful 2nd Seminar Series to Empower Researchers


KIU, Western Campus – On May 7th, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) hosted a successful 2nd seminar series to empower researchers at the SEAS Boardroom. 

The seminar was held to offer invaluable insights into research grant proposal writing and research and publication practices. 

It was graced by Assoc. Prof. Mustapha Muhammad Lawan, the Dean of SEAS, Dr. Paul-Chima Ugwu Okechukwu, Deputy Director for Research at KIU Western Campus and Dr. Milon Selvam Dennison, Associate Dean of Research at SEAS.

The seminar, which was both physical and online, explored the topic, ‘Research Grant Proposal Writing: What We Need To Know’ and it witnessed participation from 42 researchers comprising of school lecturers, postgraduate/PhD Students, and other academic stakeholders.

Assoc. Prof Lawan made a presentation about the essence of research, various research types, and the anatomy of a compelling research proposal. 

He guided participants through essential pre-writing considerations, the key components of a grant proposal, and the critical role of facilities and investigators.

Dr. Ugwu on the other hand presented “Enhancing Research and Publication Practices in the Engineering Faculty.”

He also shed light on the benefits of publication, offering suggestions for improvement and addressing common pitfalls that lead to manuscript rejection.

Dr. Selvam, who is the head of research at the School, commended the success of the seminar and pointed out its benefits to researchers.

“The 2nd SEAS Seminar Series exemplifies our commitment to develop a vibrant research community,” he remarked.

“By equipping researchers with invaluable knowledge and fostering a culture of continuous learning, we empower them to transcend boundaries and make meaningful contributions to their respective fields,” he added.

The seminar also had an interactive session where attendees posed queries, and sought clarifications and practical insights from the presenters.