Academic Programmes

Education (Art and Design), B.Ed

Admission Requirements

Students must have grade „A‟ or „B‟ or „C‟ and grade „D‟ in Art from A Level or its equivalent. A student    must have passed English, Students who have done Technical Drawing and Computer Graphic   programs with Art are an added advantage.

Prerequisites for entry art and design:
A student must have got grade „A‟, „B‟, „C‟, „D‟ in ART and First Class, Second Upper and a minimum second class for Diploma students.

Admission Requirements 
Two (2) entry points are available for persons wishing to enter the Bachelor of Education Art and Design programme:  

Holders of the Advanced (A) Level Certificate  
In order to be eligible for direct entry into the programme, a candidate must have: 
a)      Sat and passed the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examination or its equivalent and obtained a certificate in it with passes in at least four subjects taken at the same sitting. 
b)      Sat and passed the Uganda Advanced Level School certificate of Education (UACE) or its equivalent with at least two (2) principal passes in Art subject and any pass in Arts or Sciences subject , and at least one (1) subsidiary pass in Technical Drawing or English/Kiswahili language or General Paper 

Holders of School Certificate Graded in Percentages and Average Points:  
In order to be eligible for direct entry into the programme, a candidate whose final high school marks are graded in percentages and average point systems such as in Sudan, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Burundi must have their grades first equated or standardized by UNEB before seeking KIU admission.