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Information Technology, B.Sc

About the Programme

The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) is a three-year full-time programme open to all qualifying students, commencing in the 2017/2018 academic year. With the rapidly changing information systems and technology job market IT graduates now need to be able to apply knowledge, skills, and understanding in a wide and unpredictable variety of contexts with substantial personal responsibility for the work of others, and for the allocation of resources, policy, planning, execution, and evaluation. Given the increased national and international mobility of students and lecturers, the need remains for the quality of graduates to improve to make them competitive in the national, regional and international labor markets. These various contexts, therefore, call for training learners using an appropriate curriculum.


Therefore, to achieve an effectively revised curriculum, a number of considerations were undertaken to identify the opportunities, and gaps to be addressed by the BIT programme. These included;

a)    The requirements from the inter-university council for East Africa's March 2015 benchmarks for developing curricula for Bachelor of Information Systems Programmes

b)    The internationally recognized ACM and IEEE curriculum development guidelines for undergraduate degree programs in information technology

c)    A market analysis to evaluate the attractiveness and the dynamics of the Information Systems Market within East Africa. Special attention was paid to the kind of jobs/roles being advertised within this market segment and the different skills set that are being sought

d)    Feedback obtained over a two-year period (2014 - 2016) from our industrial partners where our students were placed for the Internship/field attachment.

e)    Industrial and Alumni feedback: key stakeholders and experts from regulatory authorities, industry, and academia were invited to provide insights as to what their expectations are for an Information Systems graduate.


The emphasis of this programme is the ability of graduates to develop conceptual and practical IT skills and their application in communication, business problem solving and integration of organizational functions within the overall business strategy. The programme provides the basic foundational courses in the first one year; while it progressively gets focused in later years. During the second year of study, students are required to do industrial training which is usually referred to as an internship. Internship seeks to expose to students real work environment scenarios in which they are expected to apply classroom knowledge. In the third year of training, students are given an opportunity to focus on more Information Technology specific areas. The BIT program is thus designed to equip learners with the concepts, knowledge, and skills required to build and manage robust computer information systems and electronic services that are properly aligned with organizational business strategy.


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