Academic Programmes

International Relations and Diplomatic Studies, Master

Philosophy of the Programme

The Department of Political and Administrative Studies acknowledges a fact that Social scientists generally and public servants or administrators specifically, regardless of their level of expertise, ought to possess generic competence as a result of their training. It is in this spirit therefore that this Department is duty-bound to provide the learners with the basic as well as advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of their respective specialization.

The Department of Political and Administrative Studies  is willfully aware that to be able to serve and indeed survive effectively in the rapidly changing competitive environment, the academic programmes offered must be tailored and developed with the clear aim of meeting high academic and professional standards of the qualifications and products of the University.

The Department of Political and Administrative Studies, must thus live up to this challenge by offering well articulated courses that will provoke the graduates to explore the heights in search of solutions to the enormous challenges facing public sector in our countries as they struggle to develop.

Overview of International Relations
The study of International Relations develops specific skills and knowledge which provide an advantage for employment opportunities in foreign affairs, diplomacy, intelligence, international research and consultancy,military and defense administration, international journalism, international human rights organizations, international development organizations, business and trade, and international hospitality.

The study of International Relations also enhances 'generalist' job-related skills - such as skills in research, information processing, analysis evaluation, organization, oral and written communication, and a broad general knowledge - which equip graduates for an increasingly dynamic job market in such broad areas as administration, management, business and the public service.