Academic Programmes

Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor

Admission Requirements

Five (5) entry points are available for persons wishing to enter the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) programme:

Holder of the Advanced (“A”) Level Certificate:

In order to be eligible for direct entry into the MBChB prgoramme, a candidate must have:

  • Sat and passed the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) examination or its equivalent and obtained a certificate in it with passes in at least five subjects taken at the same sitting.
  • Sat and passed the Uganda Advanced Level School Certificate of Education (UACE) or its equivalent with at least two (2) principal passes in Biology and Chemistry, and at least one (1) subsidiary pass in either Physics or Mathematics.

Holders of Kenya School Certificate of Education:

In order to be eligible for direct entry into the MBChB Programme, a candidate must:

  • Hold a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with a minimum mean grade of C+ (Plus).
  • Have obtained a C+ in each of the four cluster subjects as shown below:

Alternative A
Alternative B
Biological Sciences
Physical Sciences

Holders of School Certificate Graded in Percentages and average Points

  • In order to be eligible for direct entry into the MBChB programme, a candidate whose final high school marks are graded in percentages and average point systems such as in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Burundi must have their grades first equated or standardized by UNEB before seeking KIU admission.

Holders of Diploma in Medical Sciences:

In order to be eligible for admission into the MBChB programme, a candidate must:

  • Possess a good diploma or its equivalent in a health-related field such as Clinical Medicine, Medical Laboratory Technology, Radiography, public health, Dental Health, Advanced Nursing, Registered Nursing and Pharmacy Technology.
  • Be registered with the relevant professional council of the home country where applicable.
  • The institution from which such a qualification was obtained must be recognized by KIU Senate.

Holders of Bachelor Degrees in Sciences:

In order to be eligible for admission into the MBChb degree programme, a candidate must:

  • Possess a Bachelors degree in science disciplines at least at the level of second-class lower division or its equivalent.
  • Have obtained the above qualification from a recognized institution of higher learning in his/her country, which is recognized by KIU Senate.

Basic Sciences or Multi-Professional Training Programme (MTP)

  • All the candidates who have been admitted under entry point 7.1-7.5 above must attend the Multi-professional Training Programme (MTP) of KIU at the Western Campus and obtain passes in all courses of the programme before they can be admitted into the MBChB programme described in this curriculum.

Transfers from other Programmes within KIU

  • Admission into the MBChB programme by transfer from other programmes within KIU will be in accordance with the transfer rules as described in the Rules and Regulations Governing assessment and examinations for undergraduate students of KIU-WC.

Transfer from MBChB or equivalent programmes of other Institutions 

Any student seeking admission into the MBChB programme, who has been attending a similar programme (MBChB or equivalent) in another Institution of higher learning recognized by KIU Senate shall:

  • Start from year one semester one of this programme, if he/she was discontinued from the programme from the institution he/she is transferring from.  Exemptions from any of the multi-professional training programme courses shall be considered by the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences Board and a recommendation made, in regard to each course, to the campus Board. The campus Board may approve or vary the recommendation.

  • Be considered for advanced standing admission (admission at a level beyond year one semester one of the programme) by the faculty of Biomedical Sciences Board/ Faculty of clinical Medicine and Dentistry Boards as the specific case may require, and a recommendation made to senate through the campus Board regarding the level of entry into the programme and the courses he/she has to be exempted if any.  The campus Board and senate may approve or vary the recommendation.
In both situations above, each candidate shall produce the following documents before he/she is considered;

  • Original O’ level certificate or its equivalent.
  • Original A’ Level certificate, where applicable.
  • Academic transcripts for the years attended in the Institution he/she is transferring from.
  • A Letter of Good standing from the Institution he/she is transferring from, for those in category