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The Master of Science in Physics of Kampala International University is a two year intensive academic programme combining both theoretical and practical methods. Content is delivered to students through lectures, tutorials, projects, documentaries, individual and group presentations. Basing on several bench marks, the programme structure of the MScP programme of Kampala International University shall be as follows.



Special Comments

Three (3) cross-cutting core courses in mathematics, computer applications, and environmental studies,

These are first semester courses at KIU designed to equip students with:

F  Mathematical tools needed for other courses.

F  Computer applications relevant to physics practice

F  Environmental sustainability awareness

Two (3)  Core Courses for each specialized track


F  Provide students with a strong technical grounding in their area of specialty.

Two (2) core Computer courses


F  Apply computer skills in engineering fields

F  Use the notations of syntax and semantics of programming languages.

F  Identify the appropriate paradigm for a given programming problem.

F  Design computer programs for solving scientific problems

Compulsory research methods course

Taught in the second semester of the first year to:

F  Prepare students for advanced research work during the second year.

Three (3) elective courses for each specialized area to select five

Among others to:

F  Enable the student choose the courses that best serve their career development goals

Second Year Research and Thesis

The Final Year Research to be undertaken during the second year  is aimed at enabling students:

F  Identify problems in physics and map out solution strategies using scientific research methods;

F  Present at seminars on individual initiative;

F  Present a written Thesis of original work on a chosen research project.


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