Academic Programmes

Procurement and Logistics Management

Philosophy of the Programme

Our philosophy aligns closely with that of the Department of Human Resource and Supplies Management of Kampala International University and it guides our action, curriculum and conduct of staff members in this program. These guiding philosophes include: 

  • Student focused: We value excellence in teaching and learning and make an impact on students with attentive advising, innovative curriculum and market orientation.
  • Experientially engaged: We value experiential learning, making productive collaborations with business leaders in the region.
  • Collaboratively inclined: We are  actively seek out and engage local and international partners in academia, public institutions, private and non-governmental institutions to ensure that we keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of business management. It also ensures were are preparing our students to be relevant in their respective specializations when they complete their programs with us.
  • Mutual respect: we respect and acknowledge the diversity of our faculty members and students and strongly belief that these diversity is instrumental in preparing our students for the future where boundaries are blurred and ideas migrate from one end of the globe to the other. We appreciate diversity of not just people, but also diversity of thoughts, ideas and perspectives.
  • Ethically oriented: Our conduct reflects the highest ethical and professional standards and our curriculum emphasizes the importance of ethics and social responsibility in business.