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Centre of Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Ugandans are opportunist by nature and since 2014 have consistently being ranked by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) as the most entrepreneurial country in the world.

The KIU – CoEEI under the Directorate of Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Extension (DRICE) of the Kampala International University, coordinates all the capacity building activities that mobilizes its university students, graduates and staff and the larger Ugandan community for entrepreneurial careers and innovation activities, through enhancing their entrepreneurial skills and providing support for business start –up; new innovations to stimulate new products and processes; as well as scaling up all forms of research activities leading to new knowledge and development.

KIU – CoEEI welcomes entrepreneurs, students, thought leaders, innovation drivers, entrepreneurship ecosystem partners and supporters; and is committed to pioneering new initiatives and strategies with a focus of positioning the Kampala International University as the premium university in Ugandan and the East African region for championing innovative solutions to societal challenges in all facets of life; and developing and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation among students, staff, entrepreneurs and other external stakeholders.

KIU – CoEEI coordinates, consolidates and champion entrepreneurial and innovative activities through:

  1. Fulfill a coordinating role for current and future entrepreneurship – related and innovative activities of students, staff and other external stakeholders.
  2. Collaborate with national and international partners active in the area of entrepreneur and innovation development.
  3. Challenge the entrepreneurship with thought leadership and innovation.
  4. Ensure that all undergraduate and postgraduate students of KIU are knowledge about entrepreneurship and motivated to establish their own businesses on completion of studies
  5. Assist students identify opportunities for acquiring resources required for successful entrepreneurial pursuit.
  6. Build a research programme in entrepreneurship and innovation relevant to the needs of East Africa and that can drive relevant development policy