Ms Judith Atukwase

Deputy Director Academic Affairs, Examinations

ATUKWATSE JUDITH is the Deputy Director Academic Affairs and Examinations at Kampala International University (KIU). She is an accomplished gender specialist and expert in teaching people of different levels and background. She possesses the ability to effectively lead a program, and communicate effectively with people of different cultures, literacy levels, and social economic background.

Atukwase is currently pursuing a PhD in Peace and Conflict Resolution from Kampala International University. She holds a Masters Degree in Gender Studies, a Bachelor of Arts in Education, and a Certificate in Procurement and logistics Management from Makerere University. She also won an academic award of a scholarship for masters with Belgian Technical Cooperation..

Atukwase has quite the amiable and positive approach to problem solving and conflict resolution. She is experienced in developing proposals, budgets and objectives coupled with result-oriented work plans. She also works effectively both individually, and as part of a team to achieve a common goal.