Ms. Sylvia Nalubwama Muwanga

Director Quality Assurance

MRS. NALUBWAMA SYLVIA is the Director, Quality Assurance and Monitoring at Kampala International Univerity (KIU) whose role is to implement, administer, and oversee quality management systems in the University including; quality assurance, quality assessment, quality control, and quality audits. She is also a member of university committees where she assesses the quality of processes and output, reviews, revises, and develops appropriate policies to guide the University and its employees in their compliance efforts. 

She completed her Ph.D. thesis in the field of Animal Science, a Master of Science in Tropical Animal Production and Health from the Larenstein University of Professional Education in the Netherlands, and a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine from Makerere University. Her research interest is livestock production systems (conventional and organic systems), ruminant nutrition, technologies, and innovations.

Sylvia is a veterinarian with a strong background in Animal production and health. She has ably worked with rural farming systems and communities as a veterinary officer. She has also taught and done research in areas of livestock production systems, animal health, and nutrition. she is proficient in mid-level management with outstanding abilities in building and leading teams, problem-solving, planning and budgeting as well as Quality Assurance and controls in higher institutions of learning.