Institute for Social Research

About the Institute

Vision, Mission, Mandate, Direction Of The Institute For Social Research

Vision Of KIU

To become a premier institution of international repute that prepares students for the world of work and for an inclusive society.

Mission Of KIU

To respond to societal needs by designing and delivering an education guided by the principles and values of respect for society, economy and environment and to provide and develop a supportive research environment in which scholars at every stage of their career can flourish.

Anchored on the above vision-mission of KIU, the institute for social research bases its

Mission, Mandate And Direction

Effect a socially dynamic group of students, staff and educators with competent research capabilities and self-sufficient to undergo the research process. Capitalizing on these strengths, the students, staff and faculty will contribute to upgrading the quality of life, education, services and publication image of KIU.


Interlink connection using 8 pax VGA splitter for lectures, seminars and workshops as a good evidence of educational technology going on at KIU.