Institute for Social Research

Our Accomplishments

2012/2013-2013- ONWARDS

  • 15 enhancement workshops ( March-May 2015)
  • Involvement in the teaching of postgraduate courses


  • Repertoire of publications by KIU scholars, local and international staff of KIU
  • Institutional research: compendium of research findings from theses/dissertations with KIU as one of the research settings to metamorphose into an action research (guide for managers to better horizons on change that can benefit KIU).
  • Application for 2014 Fulbright Research Awards for African scholars research in the United States
  • Portfolio of journal publishers available at ISR for the use of researchers who wish to publish internationally
  • Portfolio of recent publications (books) of KIU and Institute for Social Research staff (2013-2014) Click Here To Access the Publications
  • Portfolio of publications (book chapters) Click Here to Access the Publications
  • Support KIU staff to attend and present papers in international conferences
  • International Conference in Computer Science, Humanities and Education April 1-2, 2015, Flora Grand Hotel, Dubai, UAE
  • Successful Presenters: Kazibwe Sophia, Byamukama Eliab Mpora, Tindyebwa

Wilberforce, Kibuuka Muhammada, Fred Ssemugenyi, Manuel Sumil
Invited keynote Speaker: Novembrieta R. Sumil, PhD
Director-ISR, KIU

Bugema International Multi-Disciplinary Research Conference
September 28-29, 2015, Hotel Africana, Kampala, Uganda
Eight papers of KIU staff and KIU PhD studnts approved for oral presentation

2015 Fall Global Management Conference, September 11-13, 2015
Los Angeles, Southern California, USA
Organizer: University of Riverside

Two KIU papers approved for oral presentation:
Paper 1 Authors: Novembrieta Sumil, Manuel Sumil, Kibuuka Muhammad, Amina Nakimuli, Manuel Sumil,Jr., Tusiime Adela
Paper 2 Authors: Novembrieta Sumil, Manuel Sumil, Kibuuka Muhammad, Derick Ssekajugo, Manuel Sumil Jr.