Institute for Social Research

ISR Mandate

  • Develop links with internal network and external contacts such as other educational and research bodies, employers, professional bodies and other providers of funding and research initiatives to foster collaboration and generation of knowledge that benefits the community at large.
  • Strategic development of proposals for research projects which will make a significant impact by leading to an increase in knowledge and understanding and the discovery or development of new explanations, insights, concepts or processes.
  • Provide advice on issues such as ensuring the adequate balance of research projects, appointments of researchers and other performance matters.
  • Identify opportunities for strategic development of new projects or appropriate areas of activity and contribute to the development of such ideas.
  • Disseminate conceptual and complex ideas of a wide variety of audiences using appropriate media and methods to promote understanding.
  • Provide academic leadership to those working within research areas, ex. coordinating the work of others to ensure that research projects are delivered effectively and on time or organizing the work of a team by agreeing objectives and work plans.
  • Plan and conduct conferences, seminars and workshops as a way of providing a forum for dissemination and publication of research findings.
  • Support the university's teaching program in accordance with the resources and capacity of the institute.