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20 Associations Cleared for Saturday's Cultural Gala

By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus-Stellah Nabakooza, the minister of religion, culture and entertainment in the KIU Main Campus guild Union has disclosed that 20 cultural associations have so far fully confirmed that they will participate in the long-awaited cultural exhibition due this Saturday 25th February 2023.

Only four out of the 20 Associations that had confirmed by close of business on Tuesday were international while the rest are According to Nabakooza, the international cultural Associations that have registered include the Rwanda students Association, the Somalis, Kenyans and the South Sudan students Associations.

Serial winners, the Basoga Nseete, Kadodi sensationalists Bamasaba, Buganda Nkobazambogo, the remnants of Kabalega, Kitara students Association, Kaaro Karungi residents of Ankole, Kigezi and Tooro students Association have all confirmed their participation.

Other associations cleared to participate include, Teso, Karamoja, Rwenzori, Acholi, Lango, Kisoro, Tororo and Bagwere.

The minister said that she is very happy with the process and that she is too excited to bring the cultural gala back after a three-year break.

"I feel so happy that the long-awaited day is closer than ever and I can't help explain the excitement I have to be the one bringing the cultural gala back after three years," she said.

"I now urge association heads to organise their teams so that our event can go well on Saturday," She added.

Nabakooza also said that Saturday's Cultural gala is going to be the best ever with each association trying to work towards getting the best of the judge's treatment.

The winner of Saturday's cultural extravaganza will walk away with a magnificent trophy and a bull as confirmed by culture minister Nabakooza.