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2022-2023 KIU Guild Parliament Dissolved

By Ashirafu Sekajja

KIU, Main Campus-The Curtain has finally fallen on the 2022/2023'Guild Parliament bringing to an end the one-year reign of Ivan Kazora as House Speaker. This marks the beginning of a new era in student leadership at KIU as the University prepares for the next bunch of students' leaders.

The outgoing parliament has been led by Ivan Kazora who worked diligently throughout his term in office, presiding over several sittings. The dissolution of parliament also featured the election of a new electoral commission executive which comprises the chairperson and the general secretary.

This Parliament faced a number of challenges that they had to beat with or overcome before reaching the end. The legislators said they did not have enough funds to facilitate all their Intended activities effectively.

“We did what was in our capability and what we did not do was then marked as a failure, but we still say we did not fail and we still recommend this to the next administration because we were a government that worked in the post covid era and now suffered the consequences of the institution not having enough funds,” Outgoing speaker Ivan Kazora said.

Because of COVID-19 and its consequence, few students joined KIU in August 2022, shortly after Ivan Kazora had taken oath as speaker of the 19th Parliament. He thinks this ruined the institution of its main source of income. Despite the fact that the regime was bedeviled by post covid challenges they still did not settle for less.

“We tried to influence here and there, we pulled strings to make sure that a few activities can be done such the cultural gala, mentorship programs for students internally and externally”, he said.

The speaker also asserted that the outgoing parliament instituted a student forum where various students can meet and share ideas coupled with special trainings.

“The student’s forum has connected with powerful organizations like Institute for National Transformation (IFNT) which trains students in leadership”, he added.

The new electoral commission executive which was elected on 21st, March 2023 is headed by Ezra Nuwahoora.

However, the outgoing parliament will still hold office on a caretaker basis until elections for college and school representatives.