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2022 NBL Final: Champions to be Determined by Game 7


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU Main Campus-Both the men's and women's NBL finals series between City Oilers and Nam blazers, JKL lady Dolphins, and UCU lady Canons have now moved to game seven where the winner will surely take it all. This follows redemptive victories for both Nam blazers and the lady Canons on Sunday, both games are now at 3-3.

Both sides came from a 3-1 trail to level the series which many thought would end by Friday as it seemed too high a hill for the underdogs in this year's final to climb. The blazers needed a 70-65 victory on Friday to launch their come back and a 76-71 win on Sunday evening meant that they only need one more win to end City Oilers seven-year reign.

The Oilers might have missed the services of national team captain Jimmy Enabu in their last two games but it is the strong desire and fighting spirit of Namuwongo Blazers that have earned them a stay in this final series. With a 3-1 lead, another side would easily give in and let the oilers take it but the ghetto boys haven't, and their poise of removing a dictator has now gained Momentum. They have one big fight and victory will see the dawn of a new era in NBL.

On the other hand, JKL lady Dolphins and UCU Lady Canons have perhaps provided a major surprise in this year's NBL finals for no one really expected the Dolphins to lose a two-win advantage. They were unbeaten until game three and perhaps this must have been the moment when the Canons discovered that they are beatable.

With both ties on the wire, so much awaits in game seven where the winners will surely be champions of the Uganda National Basketball league for both men and women in 2022.