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29 Nominated to vie for KIU Guild Parliament


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - The KIU Guild Union Electoral Commission has declared 29 students eligible to contest for Guild Union membership of parliament representing their colleges ahead of an April 4th general election.

A total 31 aspirants had applied to run for membership of parliament across all Schools and Colleges at KIU out of whom two were found unfit to run, according to Solomon Oketcho, the Guild Union Electoral Commission Chairperson.

"Only two candidates failed to meet the requirements. That means we shall have 29 candidates in this year's election," he said.

The candidates will most likely begin campaigning immediately after the Electoral Commission's meeting on Tuesday. 

It is in this meeting that the EC will provide guidelines for campaigns and other activities. It will also officially grant candidacy rights to the nominated aspirants.

The KIU Guild Union parliament has 29 seats which is equivalent to the number of eligible candidates. 

This has created more tension going into today's meeting, with a number of decisions expected to be reached.

Among them is suspension of some activities stipulated on the road map.

Voting of Guild Union parliamentary representatives is on 4th April 2022.