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3-Year-Old Patrick Ouma Appointed Clan Chief


By Rogers Wanambwa

KIU, Main Campus - For many, leadership is thought about when they are grown-up or mature enough to decide upon it. Others are born into royalty and the rite to leadership is from birth. In Patrick Ouma Lakwayi II's case, this came as an appointment at the age of three. Yes, that’s right, 3 years.

At three years and seven months old, Lakwayi II, who lives in Tai Ocot village in Labongo Amida Sub-county, Kitgum District, is the first in the Oceng lineage to inherit the Parakono sub-clan throne. This comes after almost a century since the death of the once-powerful clan Chief Lakwayi I in the 1920s.

Since then, the throne has been held by caretakers until last year when Ouma was appointed as the legitimate clan chief in February. Richard Ocaya, Patrick's father, says he has since been readying his son for his new role by tutoring him about the rich history of the Parakono sub-clan, and the Acholi people specifically.

“I’m trying my best to teach him the Acholi tradition, every day at the fireplace, I tell him the history of his grandfather. Fortunately, he has shown a lot of interest. One fact I liked about him is that he doesn’t move anyhow, he is always at home and if there is a clan meeting, he is the first to remind me…,” Richard intimated in an interview with Uganda Radio Network.

Additionally, Rose Aparo, Ouma’s mother, received the decision taken by the clan elders to appoint her son as a clan chief well.

“When they appointed my son, I had no problem with it, it actually was a surprise to me to which I was happy. However, what I want is for him to study because his duties in the future require someone educated,” she said.

Concerning this, Dr Jackson Oloya Nyeko, a parliamentary contestant in the Chua West Constituency has since pledged to pay for Ouma throughout his education.

One of the subjects of Parakonosub-clan, Morris Otto, says he is happy that the clan has finally got its legitimate ruler.

“I am happy as a subject in this village to associate myself with the new clan leader. I and my family will commit ourselves to work with him and his councils despite his young age,” he added.

Besides, since Ouma is still very young, he will be attending council meetings along with his elders but major decisions making concerning affairs of the sub-clans of Oceng, Kapori and Opon will be handled by the council of elders comprising eight members.

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