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A Conversation With Sam and Nadia,Our Freshmen For The Day


Today, the second day of orientation, the new students of the January 2020 intake at KIU had a session on library orientation and training in the magnificent Iddi Basajjabalaba Memorial Library(IBML).

The new students were trained on how to access and utilize all the information resources provided and the Public Relations team had a chance to catch up with some of the new students who were in attendance of the session.

We were able to have a conversation with Kyalema Sam and Nadia Alhadhuri who ecstatically shared how their journey is unfolding so far.

“KIU offers international certifications and this really aligns with my goal because I want to be able to work with other countries and also the sports department is great so this inspired me to join,” said Kyalema Sam,a Ugandan student said excitedly.

Obviously, Sam is very interested in KIU's decorated athletic programs as he added that he will be joining the football and rugby teams with immediate effect.

Hailing from Union of Comoros, Nadia Alhadhuri joined us for a chat. Nadia could hardly contain excitement her as she expressed her happiness to be part of the KIU community. She noted how everyone she met was very welcoming. She is currently pursuing a certificate in English and she believes she will be very fluent in English by the time her course is done.