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Abdullahi Farah Adan Wants to Increase Community Awareness and Reduce Environmental Degradation


KIU, Main Campus - Abdullahi Farah Adan, a Master’s degree in Environmental Management candidate at KIU wants to increase awareness among communities to reduce the massive degradation being done to the environment in Africa, especially his home country Somalia.

Farah Adan, who on September 8th did his Master’s Viva-Voce presentation via Zoom, says the main inspiration behind doing this is to reduce the conflicts and fights for land use and its resources.

“I want to reduce the degradation of the environment through advocating for creating, organizing, planning and implementing environmental policies at both local and national government levels in Somalia,” Farah Adan told this website.

He believes that his efforts will help limit deforestation, soil erosions and the high levels of contaminated waste that company factories release into the air and water.

It is no wonder that his thesis was, “Assessment of the impact of deforestation on community livelihood in Mpanga Central Forest Reserve in Mpigi district.”

His study set out to examine the factors that contribute to deforestation in Mpanga forest reserve, assess the effects of deforestation on community livelihoods and to establish the possible mechanisms for addressing deforestation in the forest reserve.

Farah Adan says he is grateful to KIU especially during the trying times of COVID-19 because the university made sure that all the resources and facilities for students were available in time.

“I can’t describe it in words but during my time at KIU, I have acquired a lot of skills and knowledge which are applicable in my day-to-day life but more importantly, the academic support and help rendered to students during COVID-19 to ensure that their studies are not disrupted,” Farah Adan said.

He says after his Master’s degree is bestowed unto him, he plans on doing a Ph.D. in Integrated Water Resource Management.

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