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Abubaker Acwera tops Law School at KIU'S 25th Graduation Ceremony


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus-Abubaker Acwera has today realized his life-long dream of becoming a lawyer in remarkable style, topping his class with a CGPA of 4.42.

When Acwera was a young boy, his mother prophesied to him that he would one day become a lawyer but sadly she passed on a few days after her prophesy.

Ever since, Acwera has been working hard to appease her mother and surely, she must be happy where ever she is. For him, there isn't enough to explain how it feels.

"It is hard to tell. I am overwhelmed by the excitement and I am really thankful to God that the efforts I put in paid off," he says.

"The journey was a challenging one when we had to adapt to the new environment and we had to strategically befriend our seniors who guided us on how to manage it. Utilising time, read and make research. People like Kennedy Kushaba and Martin Gidongo were so helpful to us," he admits.

In achieving first-class, Acwera attributes everything to dedication, passion and making use of the available facilities like the iconic IBML library.

"The dedication and passion I had for the law made everything possible. I also made use of the available facilities including the Library. As a lawyer, you must invest in reading. When you read, you can never go wrong," he notes.

"I've been able to interact with people of different backgrounds with whom we've shared a variety of constructive ideas," Acwera recounts his time at KIU.