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Alumni Voice: Samuel Mugisha Hopes to Transform the Tourism Industry


" I am an ornithologist and I specialize in guiding francophone tourists around the country. In particular, I work with the ones who come to do bird watching," said Samuel Mugisha, an Alumni of KIU.

Samuel Mugisha pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Management while at KIU. He notes that KIU has had a big impact on his career as it gave him a strong foundation in the French language, and the managerial skills he needed to advance in his career.

“As a country, we have a limited number of french-speaking tour guides yet its a lucrative business. This has negatively affected our tourism sector. Fortunately, the number of french-speaking tourists has increased over the past couple of years, because our competitors in Rwanda increased their gorilla trekking fees. We are starting to see a greater number of budget tourists come to Uganda for the same experience at a better price," he said. 

He explained that we have a wonderful opportunity to transform our tourism industry by tapping into french-speaking tourism markets from Europe and North America. 

Lastly, he advised students who are pursuing the same course to be patient while chasing their dreams and hopefully join him in his pursuit to help attract more french-speaking tourists to Uganda. 

"It's a process and it takes time. Those who are patient will reap a great harvest," he concluded. 


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