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Alumni Voices: COVID-19 Crisis Triggers the Ascent of Alumnus Akida Parrots


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic saw many businesses and brands close and suspend their operations, but the crisis has also been a blessing in disguise to some businesses and personalities. 

Among the businesses that are thriving in this era is blogging, and KIU alumnus and blogger Leonard Kamugisha alias Akida Parrots has used the situation to better his craft.

The 2019 KIU graduand’s blog, Parrotsug, has become one of the most followed sites in Western Uganda in the COVID-19 era. 

“You can’t just wake up and say COVID-19 has not positively impacted people’s lives, People with great and creative minds will do something new in any situation,’’ the Mass Communication graduate says.

He adds that the Parrotsug has adequately played the essential social responsibility of feeding the masses with accurate information and sensitization, especially on the Standard Operating Procedures of fighting the contagious COVID-19.

“The COVID-19 period has changed everything in the journalism industry especially in the newsroom. Freelancers sit in the comfort of their homes and send stories to editors electronically,’’ he says.

How did the ‘Parrotsug’ start?

Akida Parrots started blogging while still at Kampala International University in 2017. Taking advantage of a discussion group where he was an active member, he introduced the idea of publishing weekly news around the university, thus giving birth to a newsletter called, The Parrots.  

Akida says he later met a lecturer who was an ardent follower of his work.  

“He made an appointment with me and later introduced me to blogging and eventually, I created my first blog site,” says Akida.  

He says that much as many people look at blogging negatively, it is a very good online influencing channel that anyone would need to boost their brand.

Akida attended Universal Primary and Secondary Education at Nyakishojwa SSS under the sponsorship of Integrated Community-Based Organization (ICOBI) before joining Bubangizi Secondary school for A’level, from where he joined KIU as a beneficiary of the university’s bursary scheme.

Akida employs 6 young journalists and a number of guest writers who have contributed tremendously to the development of his dream.

Picture credit: courtesy photo