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AMSKIU Holding Nominations for new Leadership Positions


KIU, Western Campus – The Association of Medical Students of KIU (AMSKIU) Independent Electoral Commission is holding nominations for leadership positions for 2023/2024.

The association is holding nominations for the positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, General Secretary, Public Relations Officer and Chief Editor.

Aspirants will be required to pay nomination fees amounting to 150,000 shillings for president and 70,000 shillings for each of the other positions.

According to a communication from Edward Twesigye, the Chairperson on the Electoral Commission, the election will be guided by the AMSKIU constitution.

“It (the election) will be a universal suffrage where only registered members of the association will be allowed to vote once by presenting a valid university identification document as established by article 6 and 14 of the 2014 AMSKIU constitution and bylaws,” reads the communication.

The vetting and nomination of successful applicants has taken place today, open air campaigns will be held tomorrow and elections will take place on February 1.

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