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An Extra Mile of Preparation makes KIU'S Moot King, Jonathan Areeba Indispensable


By Isaac Akugizibwe

When Jonathan Areeba first joined KIU, he was just a mere student only known to his classmates in the school of law. Three years later, the once timid boy is now a household name at KIU, in Uganda and East Africa due to his unmatched mooting and debating skills.

During his first semester at KIU, Areeba spent most of his time trying to learn about life at KIU while observing how the business runs at the school of law besides the lecture room situation. It is in the second semester that he began rubbing shoulders with the big boys and because he loved debating, he didn't decline when a chance to moot presented itself.

"I started mooting in the 1st year 2nd semester in an inter-class moot. I was actually a novice but was confident hoping my debate experience would help me," Areeba discloses.

"Obviously things were a bit different," he adds.

He just needed one chance at it to prove his oratory talent and after attaining mooting skills from some of the University's best he found at the time, Areeba has since become one of the best mooters in East Africa.

Areeba is regarded as the best mooter at the KIU school of law and the price for it is hardwork involving spending a lot of time on research and practice. This has made him almost indispensable.

"What makes me indispensable is the long hours of preparation. I invest in preparing for the tasks at hand. The truth is there are very many brilliant mooters but I think what makes me distinct is the fact that I will go the extra mile while preparing to be better than others," he admits.

 He was voted best oralist in the 2021 interclass moots before matching the same feat in the UDP inter-university debate tournament which KIU won in 2021. This saw KIU represent Uganda at the all-Africa International Humanitarian Law moot competitions in  2021. Areeba still put up a tremendous performance and was named second-best Oralist of the tournament and the University reached the semifinals.

Apart from being a distinguished mooter, Areeba is equally a sensational debater and member of KIU's leading students' think tank, Forum for ideas.

"I am a debater and I want to think of myself as a very good one. I currently serve as the President of KIU Debate Union," acknowledges.

The 24-year-old legal gladiator credits KIU for giving students platforms where they express and practice their skills and talents. He also commends the University and the school of law for availing resources to students.

"KIU law school gives the students opportunities to explore by engaging with students from other institutions in a number of platforms moots included," h says.

"Also enough resources in terms of reading material is available in the law library which is very important in the success of scholars of the law," he adds.

KIU has in recent years established itself as a model when it comes to mooting and legal skills practice. This has seen many students win international awards while competing with the best universities in the world.

Since 2015, KIU has had law students go and shine on high-profile podiums at the Hague, in Germany, South Africa, and the United Kingdom among others.

What remains for Areeba is Crossing the big Seas and because he is just in his third year at law school, he has one full year to elevate his game. He is hopeful, his craft will soon reach the whole world.

Born to Javan and Jouvllien Lwamafa on 30 January 1998, Areeba attended Mbarara junior school for primary school and  Mbarara high school where he spent all six years of secondary school before joining KIU for a bachelor of Laws in  2020.

He is looking forward to completing his law degree and beginning practice as a corporate lawyer in the next five years.