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Aspirants for KIU Guild Member of Parliament to Collect Nomination Forms


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - The newly installed students union electoral commission has  today Monday 30th, November, 2020 started issuing nomination forms to aspirants for college and school representatives in the 2020-2021 Guild Parliament ahead of KIU’s first ever scientific Guild Union elections next week on Monday. 

According to Martin Ainebyona, the chairperson of the Guild Electoral Commission, the picking of nomination forms that started at exactly 9am, will be closed at 5pm on Wednesday 3rd December 2020.

Martin said that the road map to elections is very tight because of limited time.

‘’We shall close the picking of nomination forms on Wednesday at 5pm because we have limited time if you look at the road map,’’ Martin said.   

10 aspirants had already picked nomination forms by Monday, although the turn up is expected to be low this time round due to uncertainties caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

The electoral commission has urged all aspirants to first ensure they have all the minimum requirements before paying for the nomination forms. 

The requirements needed for one to be declared eligible to run for Guild Member of Parliament at KIU are; a CGPA of  at least 3.5, three passport photos, atleast 30 seconders from one’s college or school, nomination fee of 80,000 shillings as per the 2020 guild parliament declaration. 

The candidate is also required to have cleared their tuition to zero balance and never to have registered any act of indiscipline out and within the University premises.

Candidates that will be declared eligible to contest will be allowed to start official campaigns on Thursday 4th December 2020 under strict observation of Ministry of Health guidelines against COVID-19.

Elections for guild members of parliament will be held on Monday 6th November 2020.