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Assoc. Prof. Janice Busingye Advises Young Women not to Settle for Less


KIU, Main Campus – On 8th March 2020, Uganda will join the rest of the globe in celebrating International Women’s Day, under the theme: “I Am Generation Equality, Realising Women’s Rights.”

 According to the United Nations, gender equality, is the world’s unfinished business, noting that “women and girls represent half of the world’s population and, therefore, also half of its potential.”

Assoc. Prof. Janice Busingye, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Finance and Administration at KIU would agree. The Associate Professor believes that the root cause of the matter stems from home. She suggests that both genders should play equal roles in contributing to the homestead.

“If a girl has to wash plates, then the boy too can do some house chores. That way, they will learn to respect women when they grow up and know they are both equal,” she said.

Additionally, she pointed out that unfortunately, many girls still miss out on opportunities to get a formal education today.

Touching on the glass ceiling, Prof. Busingye emphasized that many organizations aren’t yet ready for women to take over leadership positions because it comes out as a surprise to them.

“Women are always judged based on female parameters,” she said, “Most times, women are pressed because their views don’t always matter thereby making them shy away from higher positions in their organizations.”

She urged men in the workplace to exercise understanding and support their female colleagues, especially when it comes to their God-given duties such as pregnancy.

Lastly, she advised young women not to settle for less and to know that they can accomplish anything they wish for.